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Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will be seeking a different kind of justice before the seventh season of the hit HBO series returns this summer. The actor is bringing his badass persona to Netflix's latest original film, Small Crimes, premiering in April.

Netflix has released the first official trailer for the film and if more Lannister-style action with a touch of and is your idea of a good time, you're in luck, because Small Crimes looks like it's set to be all that and more.

(Check out the trailer in the video below.)

An Ex-Cop With A Past Full Of Problems

The film tells the story of Joe Denton (Coster-Waldau). After serving six years in prison for attempted murder, he is released from prison, but freedom is not the same when the District Attorney you tried to kill is right behind your back.

Combined with mafia bosses, a broken marriage and a corrupt sheriff also on his tale, we might just see Coster-Waldau deliver one of his best performance yet as the shattered and redemption-seeking ex-cop.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse at Denton's combat skills and state of mind. (It's not hard to see the comparison between him and box-office assassin John Wick.) In style similar to Wick, when a pick-up driver picked a fight with Denton, he reminded him how that was not such a good idea, by smashing the driver's head to a glass window.


And just like Wick, all Denton wants is to leave his past behind, as he stated:

"I can show people I've changed."

For continental assassins like John Wick and ex-cops with a dark past like Joe Denton, we know that things never go as planned. Denton's Logan-looking white shirt splattered with blood throughout the trailer is definitely one sign that trouble isn't going to be hard to find.

Neflix's Small Crimes hits the streaming service April 28.

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