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It's a match made in young love heaven!

Actor Sophie Turner and DNCE frontman Joe Jonas have taken to Instagram to officially announce their engagement for all of us to swoon over. Both posted photos to their respective Instagram pages with very short and sweet captions. The Game of Thrones star and the pop singer used the same photo of Turner's hand, complete with a stunning engagement ring, resting on top of Jonas' hand to help announce the exciting news. Additionally, Turner simply captioned her photo with "I said yes," while her fiancé echoed that sentiment, writing on his Instagram, "She said yes."

These Two Have Been A Perfect Pair From Day One

The happy couple sparked initial dating rumors after spending last Halloween together with friends in which Turner rocked an ensemble complete with bunny ears while Jonas went all out as a dalmatian, complete with black spots and red collar.

The two were then spotted by fans at a Kings of Leon concert a month later. looking adorably smitten with each other. An eagle-eyed concertgoer noted that the "two or three times" she looked over at them, she made note of how Turner "was all smiley and [Jonas] looked really sweet."

After remaining relatively tight-lipped about their relationship, Turner and Jonas made fans flip out at the beginning of 2017 when she posted a picture of Jonas on her Instagram, looking calm and cool while lounging on a marveling boat ride.

Their relationship gradually progressed into being something more serious after they appeared to have adopted a Siberian Husky puppy together named Porky Basquiat. I mean, how cute is that? Also, nothing says, "Well, we're in this for the long haul" like getting a dog together, right?

The couple continued to vacation together, spend time with one another's families and attend the one event all couples love to go to: weddings. With how close they were becoming, a source close to Jonas spoke to People magazine earlier this summer about just how serious he was about his relationship with Turner and how she was "different from other girls he has dated."

Fans Are So Excited For The Newly-Engaged Couple

Many took to their respective social media pages to express their jubilation with the news. Turner's co-star and best friend for life, Maisie Williams, commented her congrats on Turner's Instagram post with "Queen. I love you so much xo" while Jonas' brother, Nick, expressed his love on his Twitter with the accompanying engagement photo:

Joe is the second Jonas brother to tie the knot as his older brother, Kevin, married his wife, Danielle, in 2009. Ever the supportive brother, Kevin commented with a rousing "Yeah!!!!!!!" on Joe's Instagram post shortly after the news went live.

Fans are also rightfully freaking out as evident by the tons of comments pouring over Twitter. Diehard fans of the early Jonas Brothers-era are certainly happy about the news:

GoT fans also wanted to express their happiness. With the recent news that fellow GoT star Kit Harington is set to wed Rose Leslie, a few are rightfully wondering how this will affect the final season because this is important to us, too, damn it.

Overall, though, many rejoiced at the prospect of Mr. and Mrs. Jonas:

While many illustrated their excitement, there were a few who hilariously chose to note that they didn't even know they were a couple:

We wish the happy couple all the best for their future and can't wait to hopefully see a ton of Instagram posts of their wedding planning process.

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