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Revenge is a very common theme in the perilous world of Game of Thrones, which is why it's only fitting that a head-on collision with the shadiest tune of 2017 has now come to fruition.

Following 's rebirth as a sizzling snake with "Look What You Made Me Do" this past August — in which she triumphantly tramples all over her haters in the most magnificent way ever — a fan has made the most perfect parallel with George R. R. Martin's series and posted the end result on YouTube.

Recreating the lyrics of T-Swift's scathing new track with years of dialogue from the Seven Kingdoms, it's the most creative tribute to both pop cultural phenomenons that's ever been made. Using original series footage of Westeros's key players — including , , and Daenerys — take a look at Matthijs Vlot's incredible efforts below:

Basically, if we were to exclude all of the horrendous rape scenes, the incest and violent blood baths, the nightmarish Game of Thrones world transplanted into 2017 would probably look a little like this. And considering Taylor's lyrics fit so seamlessly into the savage framework of the series — from Arya Stark's relentless list-making to Sansa telling that prick Littlefinger that she doesn't like his "little games" anymore — this fan-made marvel is likely to remain with us way beyond the end of Season 8 months down the line.

All in all, congrats Matthijs, the show's sassiest MVP Lady Olenna (R.I.P.) would be proud:

Are you a fan of this version of "Look What You Made Me Do?"


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