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Not everyone is strong enough to crush a man's skull like a freshly-shotgunned can of Natty Lite, but Hafþór "Thor" Björnsson, a.k.a. The Mountain from , is one of those men. When he's not busy pillaging villages or following Cersei Lannister around like an enormous Labrador on the show, Björnsson fills his downtime competing at the world level in strongman competitions. This past weekend was meant to be a pivotal moment in this strongman career, as the 28-year-old was poised to walk into the World's Strongest Man competition and pick up the winning title, lift it high over his head, and set it back down with his other trophies and accolades — including Europe's Strongest Man and the world record in throwing washing machines. Unfortunately, for the third time, the Mountain that Rides must settle for second place.

The contest was held on May 28 in Botswana, and it was there that Eddie Hall, a ridiculously strong Englishman known as The Beast, beat out Björnsson for the coveted title on a technicality. Björnsson would have tied Hall's score if it weren't for the fact that he allegedly wavered during his last rep, pushing a crate of boulders behind his head.

You can watch the supposed "double-dipping" in a video that Björnsson posted on his Instagram below:

In the caption, Björnsson sounds more or less resigned and satisfied with second place, but earlier that day he posted a saltier sentiment on Instagram, which has since been deleted:

"This weekend I was robbed. The integrity of my beloved sport is in question."

The Mountain made headlines for his strongman accolades earlier this spring when he won the title of Europe's strongest man, despite suffering from Bell's palsy, a disease that causes paralysis on one half of the face due to nerve damage. He's made a full recovery now, and at just 29-years-old, the Icelandic behemoth will no doubt go on to win back the title of World's Strongest Man at least one more time. But first, maybe we'll get to see him throw down during Clegane Bowl on Game of Thrones Season 7?

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