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Whether you pray to the old god or the new, there is no denying that HBO's Game of Thrones has become one of the televisual viewing events of the 21st Century. Across Seven Kingdoms and seven seasons, we have seen the epic saga brought to life from 's books and to our screens. With all the twist and turns of Lost, all the gruesome goodbyes of The Sopranos, and the tragic antiheroes of Breaking Bad, keeps us entertained with something for everyone.

However, as we head toward the final season, all bets are off for who (if anyone) will make to the show's end, and how we will even get there. When scouring the internet, you'll find enough theories and madcap prophecies to fill the Old Town Citadel, but isn't all the guessing and hypothesizing part of the race to the Iron Throne? From Jaime killing his own sister to that Cleganebowl hype, we have heard them all. However, Reddit has just given us possibly the best theory yet that combines all of the above and more for one golden dragon's egg.

It's Snow Joke

With Jon Snow and his band of snowy survivors presumed to take proof of White Walkers to Queen Cersei at King's Landing, you can guess that there will be another twist to the tale before the season's end. The formidable Queen of the Seven Kingdoms hasn't exactly been kind to her enemies, but how do you 1-up blowing them apart with wildfire? Redditor FoundWaldo_Meh has the theory of all theories, which not only has Cersei as the Mad Queen, but proves Jon's Targaryen heritage, gives us the sporting event of the year with Cleganebowl, and reveals the valonqar. How on Earth? Well, read on to find out more:

"So Cersei doesn't strike me as the type to enter a truce for the safety and good of the realm. She would view that encounter as an opportunity to conveniently take out her remaining opponents. As a women who doesn't believe in folklore (i.e. Dany being the "unburnt") and as poetic justice for the loot train battle and incinerating the Tarley's, she sentences them both to death by wildfire. Also a nice parallel to when Dany's father killed Ned Stark's brother and father. The sentence is served but BOTH Dany and Jon remain unburnt after the wildfire subsides."

The whole Targaryens can't be burned by fire thing has already been called into question when our moping Jon Snow blistered his hand back at Castle Black, but imagine him and Dany being burned alive to prove just how powerful they really are. There is a big question on how Jon's Targaryen bloodline will be revealed, and I have already thorized how roasting him alive would be one way to prove it.

Also, given that Season 7 has already given us that repeat of the Field of Fire, Cersei reenacting Aerys II's execution of the Stark men would also be a brilliant callback to our pre-show days.

Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill

If this isn't enough for you, enter Cleganebowl and a duel that has been some seven seasons in the making. The show went to such great lengths to bring back Rory McCann as The Hound, so apart from staring into the fires, here's hoping that he fulfills his destiny to strike down his monstrous brother:

"The room is silent. Cersei starts demanding that her guards kill them, but everyone – stunned and in awe of what they just saw – starts to slowly fall to their knees. Cersei goes batshit crazy, screaming "I AM THE QUEEN!" And demanding that someone kills them. Jaime, with a panicked look on his face, is talking in her ear, trying to talk sense into her. At the same time, the Mountain steps forward and the room holds their breath, but the Hound (with the guards holding him now on their knees) leaps forward to defend Dany and Jon. CLEGANEBOWL confirmed!! The Hound strikes down the Mountain."

Need A Helping Hand

While our hearts are already palpitating at the possibilities, could the icing on the cake be Jaime doing the unthinkable and completing Maggy the Frog's prophecy? Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is already open to being Cersei's downfall, but the theory also has a tragic way in which Jaime will become that elusive valonqar:

"The Mountain's death is a snapping point for Cersei, and she starts screaming at Qyburn to "BURN THEM ALL!" Qyburn starts to make a move but the Hound goes after him with Jon's naked body in hot pursuit. Jaime, with a tortured/heartbroken expression looks at Cersei as she's screaming "BURN THEM ALL." He grabs her by the shoulders, shaking her to stop, but she keeps screaming. Then his hands move to her neck to silence her screaming. He fulfils Maggy the Frog's prophecy as Cersei breathes her last."

If things weren't already hot enough with a trio of dragons swarming around Westeros, just imagine the ultimate showdown at King's Landing between Cersei and our heroes. With "Death is the Enemy" focusing its efforts beyond the Wall, it is safe to assume that we will head back to the capital for a epic season finale.

Bear in mind that there will be just six episodes in Season 8; we are going to have to start trimming characters ahead of the show's final run. Cersei has undoubtedly been a great villain for Season 7, but let's head for a snowy swansong and battle the White Walkers for Season 8. While no one is convinced that the Lannister sigil will be flying over the pointy chair at the end of Season 8, FoundWaldo_meh's theory sounds like the best way possible to wrap up several loose ends with one big bloody bow — that's enough for today internet!


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