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Spoiler Warning: If you're being precious about Season 7 spoilers, you might want to stop reading right now because this theory is so good, so legit and so likely, that it's basically a spoiler. And it also has to do with some spoilers that surfaced a while ago.

You're spoiling everything!
You're spoiling everything!

Prophecies seem to travel around Westeros even faster than people getting from Dragonstone to the Wall. By now just about everyone knows the story of Azor Ahai, or the legendary Prince Who Was Promised to save the world from the Long Winter and the Others. While prophecies are known for being frustratingly vague and nearly impossible to interpret, there's one that's become pretty widely accepted among fans and led to endless theorizing.

The Dragon Has Three Heads

The Sigil of House Targaryen [Credit: HBO]
The Sigil of House Targaryen [Credit: HBO]

Remember the scene from Season 2, where Daenerys enters the House of the Undying and has three visions? One of the Iron Throne, one of the Wall and one of her life-that-might-have-been with Khal Drogo and baby Rhaego? Well, in the book, A Clash of Kings, it happens slightly differently. You can read a detailed description of it here, but for now, all you need to know is that Rhaegar Targaryen is talking about the Prince Who Was Promised, and says:

"There must be one more... the dragon has three heads."

While on the surface this could be a literal reference to the three-headed dragon that is the sigil of the House Targaryen, most fans have taken it to mean that there must be three riders for each of Daenerys's three dragons.

Daenerys's Dragons 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
Daenerys's Dragons 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

The first is obvious: Daenerys has an unbreakable bond and connection with Drogon. After the revelation of R+L=J in the Season 6 finale and Jon Snow managing to touch Drogon's nose without getting his arm roasted, the second rider seems obvious as well. Jon Snow will ride Rhaegal, the dragon named after his father. That leaves one dragon left: Viserion, named for Daenerys's creepy brother that Khal Drogo melted to death with liquid gold.

Now, there's another theory that Tyrion Lannister is actually a secret Targaryen, which has led many people to hope that the Hand of the Queen will one day fulfill his dream of having a dragon of his very own. Unfortunately, thanks to this new theory, we might finally have to let that dream die.

A Mount To Dread

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Now here's where things start to get spoilery. Last fall, many moons before the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7, some ridiculously well-informed raven dropped a load of knowledge on Reddit. The post contained basically every major spoiler for Game of Thrones Season 7, and thus far, all of those spoilers have been spot on. One particular spoiler mentioned that Jon, Jorah, Tormund and a whole band of scouts would head North of the Wall to capture a wight, which we saw come to fruition in the most recent episode.

According to the spoilers, during this mission, they would wind up doing battle with the whole wight army, and only manage to get out alive when Daenerys shows up with her dragons. Tragically, in the skirmish, Viserion will be killed. And if that isn't bad enough, the Night King is going to reanimate Viserion as his own evil ice dragon to ride around spreading cold and death wherever he goes.

This spoiler seemed to completely foil any plans for Daenerys's dragons to have three riders, and dashed the hopes of fans that had been dreaming that the smallest dragon might be a mount for Lord Tyrion.

Tyrion Rides A Dragon [Credit: HBO/Movie Pilot]
Tyrion Rides A Dragon [Credit: HBO/Movie Pilot]

Now, one clever theorist has jumped back on Reddit to restore our faith in the Seven and blow our minds once more. Critical_Liz posted this theory that seems to tie the spoiler and the prophecy together so perfectly, you kind of have to believe it:

Speculation about how Dany is Fire and Jon is Ice sounds good, but now that the show has stated the obvious and told us what we all knew, we know that Jon is Ice And Fire, so with Dany that would be like two fires to one Ice. And then I thought of some spoilery pictures that have come out leading to speculation that one of the dragons will be killed and raised by the Night King and then it hit me.

Of course, the Night King IS the third rider.

He is the embodiment of Ice.

The Night King 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
The Night King 'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

There's the dark and beautiful symmetry we'd been hoping for. This theory also fits, if you consider that each rider needs to have a connection to the dragon's namesake: Daenerys loved her beloved Drogo, Jon is Rhaegar's son, and Viserys was plain evil — just like the Night King.

Critical_Liz goes one step further, and makes a guess that the Night King was originally a Stark before he became a Walker, giving us one Targaryen, one Stark and one Stark-Targaryen. It's a bold speculation — one that doesn't really have any proof to back it up just yet — but it might just be crazy enough to be true.


What do you think? Will the Night King fulfill the prophecy by becoming the third head of the dragon?

(Source: Reddit)


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