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We may only have a handful of episodes left of Game of Thrones, including the shortened eighth and final season, and the story is certainly picking up the pace as we near the climax. The current season has featured some of the most eventful episodes in the series' history with key reunions, important revelations, and game-changing decisions. While viewers are busy connecting the dots, a Reddit user, Readdator, has cleverly pointed out that a certain vision Daenerys had in the House of the Undying back in Season 2 is finally coming to light.

The moment comes in Season 2 Episode 10, 'Valar Morghulis,' when Daenerys finds herself in the House of the Undying searching for her dragons. Wandering by torchlight, the Mother of Dragons steps into an illusion, and her surroundings are transformed into the charred remains of the Great Hall of the Red Keep. In her vision, she starts to walk toward the Iron Throne until she hears the cries of her dragons, so instead she turns away. The vision changes again and Daenerys finds herself walking through the Wall into a fierce snowstorm where she finds a tent occupied by Drogo and their son.

What Does The House Of The Undying Vision Mean?

Many viewers have assumed charred remains were causing ash to fall from the sky, but it seems more likely to be snow. The fact that Daenerys was within reach of the throne but cries led her to the Wall coincide with her current decision to put her fight against Cersei aside to focus on the threat from the North. Assisting Jon Snow and the greater good of Westeros goes against her family's legacy, so could it mean the end of her chance at the throne?

Considering the vision included an afterlife version of Drogo and their son Rhaego, it could also hint at her fate during the fight against the White Walkers. The vision could be predicting her death, which would reunite Dany with her fallen family in the afterlife. It is important to note that she quickly left the tent as if she was not content with the thought of that possibilty, so could she instead die and be resurrected like Jon?

How Does This Relate To Jon Snow?

The vision also led to additional details that support the importance of Jon Snow and his Targaryen lineage. Although we don't have official in-show confirmation that Jon and Daenerys are related as of yet, the falling snow now seems even more significant. Jon's presence will deeply affect her journey to power and whether or not she makes it to the Iron Throne. Reddit users were quick to point out that in the novels, the scene of the vision in the House of the Undying also included a blue flower near the Wall. The blue flower, also known as a winter rose that is commonly grown in Winterfell, happens to be Lyanna Stark's favorite flower. At one point Rhaegar Targaryen gives Lyanna Stark winter roses, and as we know, the two are rumored to be Jon's parents.

What Could It All Mean For The Future Of Westeros?

The theory of Daenerys following the path of her vision in the House of the Undying seems plausible. It also potentially sheds light on the future of Westeros as a whole. The crumbling ceiling of the Great Hall and seemingly abandoned throne might indicate that if all sides don't focus on the enemies from the North, the end might be near for everyone. There is no use fighting for a throne when there is nobody left in Westeros to rule over.

If Cersei remains stubborn enough with her sights on Daenerys' threat to power, she could be the one to fall along with King's Landing. The Night King and his frosty followers definitely have the ability to take down the Lannister army. Is it possible the battle will move to the Red Keep and include an appearance of Daenerys' dragons torching the Great Hall's roof?

Even with a limited number of episodes left, there is still plenty story left to tell. As we try to put pieces of the puzzle together, be sure to be on the lookout for more clues regarding Daenerys and her vision.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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