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The Season 7 premiere is finally upon us, Game of Thrones fans. The grueling year-long wait is almost over and if you somehow forgot, the popular series is here to remind you in a terrifying, yet creative stunt on the streets of London.

A gang of White Walkers led by the Night King roamed the London's streets to lay claim on the city and reveal that winter has officially arrived. Check it out:

The promotional stunt was performed by Sky Atlantic, the network that airs the hit series in the UK. It was revealed that it took eight weeks to build the White Walker costumes, and required the actors to go through four hours to transform their look with prosthetics, body paint, and styling. In a statement from Sky Entertainment UK, they shared insight regarding the stunt:

“With Jon Snow crowned King in the North, Cersei on the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen and her colossal armada crossing the seven seas to Westeros and the Night King moving south at the helm of a truly terrifying army of the dead, the greatest battles are truly ahead of us. With this in mind it seemed fitting to unleash our very own troop of White Walkers on locations across the UK.”

Fans enjoyed how fitting the group looked in front of Buckingham Palace, and took note how well they stayed in character by remaining silent despite all the gawkers and constant photo ops. At times, they seemingly fit in with the crowd on the streets of the city, walking by people unnoticed — imagine turning around and seeing that troop following at your heels!

is no stranger to elaborate PR stunts over the years having previously projected a giant image of its dragons on city buildings across the US, and planting a massive dragon skull on a beach in Britain.

[Credit: AdWeek]
[Credit: AdWeek]

The White Walkers had their fun taking in the sights around London for the day, but they couldn't stay too long as they still have work to do at home. So back to Westeros they went to prepare for the impending war ahead. And it's safe to assume that White Walkers did not take the underground on their journey home, as it's probably too steamy for their chilling bodies down there.

Game of Thrones returns Sunday July 16 for the Season 7 premiere.

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(Source: The Daily Dot, Sky Entertainment)


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