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It doesn't take Bran Stark's raven ability to know that winter (and prequels) are coming to Game of Thrones, but we finally have some more news on where HBO plans to take its cash cow when the main show ends in 2019. The network had already announced that four prequels would continue our bloodlust and porn satisfaction, while author had always hinted there could be more to come. Well, the old gods and the new may have just answered our prayers, and a fifth spin-off is officially gracing the lands of Westeros and beyond with some substantial talent at its helm.

Back To The Future

EW reports that not only has the world of White Walkers and Walder Frey upped its spin-off order to a famous five, but it has also attached some whimsical Westerosi writing skills to the latest announcement. According to the site, Game of Thrones co-executive producer Bryan Cogman will put pen to paper to write the fifth spin-off.

A bountiful clutch of four prequels was first announced back in May, and while details on all the projects are more of a secret that Littlefinger's grooming regime, you can't blame HBO for milking Martin's world of potential for all its worth by adding another entry. Those who have kept up with word of the prequels will know that Martin has already ruled out tackling Robert's Rebellion or anything to do with his ongoing Dunk & Egg saga, but that doesn't mean the dragonglass mine is empty just yet.

We also know that Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are out of any continuation of the franchise, and that Martin himself is already busy with two of the four prequels that were already announced, while who else is involved has been as mysterious as the prequels themselves. With the show's going back in time and Cogman being unofficially dubbed the "lore master" in the writer's room, it is quite the coup to have him on board.

Given that Cogman has been involved with Thrones from the very beginning, if anyone can shed some Lord of Light on how to make a great series, it is him. With an impressive CV of episodes behind him, Cogman has been involved in some truly memorable moments from the show, such as Tyrion Lannister's trial and Season 7's political powerhouse that was "Stormborn." He was always one for speaking to fans of the saga on Twitter, but the co-executive producer recently quit social media to concentrate of the final season of the show. It all makes sense now, and it appears that Cogman has actually gone into hiding to double his efforts on Season 8 and the fifth prequel.


Are you looking forward to the 'Game of Thrones' prequels?

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