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We all set goals for ourselves. Even Stalin had a five year plan! Granted none of them worked out the way the man intended, he repeatedly made more and he was an all round vicious bastard who obliterated his population. But I'm really digressing here.

Back to the topic on hand, let's focus on the gamer who set himself a goal. A seemingly impossible goal: To finish Pokémon Ruby only enlisting the help of his favorite mon, . Six years later, the man has done it, and it's seriously impressive.

Pokémon sure has changed a lot over the years, why not see how far we'e come:

6 Years Is All It Took For This Gamer To Beat Pokémon Ruby With Magikarp

Let me set the scene.

It's 2011. The year of Royal weddings, Egyptian revolutions, toppling of dictators and London riots. One streamer by the name of Leomon starts a game of Pokémon Ruby with a Shiny Magikarp. His goal? To finish the whole game with this wet fish by his side. It seemed impossible and there's no way he could have known how long it would take him to succeed.

But that's what a trainer is prepared to sacrifice. Leomon himself stated on Twitter that "it didn’t matter if you had a strong or a weak Pokémon, that if you were really a skilled trainer, you should try your best to win with the one you like." And like Magikarp he does.

Magikarp taking names. [Credit: Game Freaks]
Magikarp taking names. [Credit: Game Freaks]

And now — streaming originally on the Japanese site NicoNico — Leomon has finally come to the end of his journey, and over 450,000 viewers watched with him. You can check out the final thirty minutes of his adventure below:

Here's the moment when Leomon took to Twitter to celebrate:

As you can see, the reshares and likes just keep on rising. Tons of the gamer's fans also took to social media to commemorate his insane victory, with some of them creating unbelievable fan art!

And this one is just really cute:


To be honest, I don't think I'd have the patience to achieve something like this. So all I can do is congratulate the man on his journey's end and his remarkable dedication to seeing this through.

Have any of you guys dedicated this amount of time to one specific game? Let us know in the comments!

(Source: Kotaku)


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