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Video games don't always have to be enjoyed alone—especially while in a relationship. Playing your favorite games together can be a fun way to grow even closer as a couple as you bond while enjoying your favorite hobby, because everyone knows: a couple that plays together stays together.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, here's some of the best games to play with your significant other.

Resident Evil 7

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Why you should play it together: It's the classic date, take the person you like to see the latest and scariest horror movie and hope that when the film begins they cling onto you for dear life. If they scare easy it never fails!

Well now you can have the horror movie cuddle experience at home and on your favorite console. is the latest game in the long-running survival horror series. The gameplay's in first person and overall is just creepy as fuck! From the creeks in the floor, zombie jump scares, and simply not knowing if what lurks in the next room will immediately kill you as you're low on health; this game is as heart-wrenching to play as it is to watch.

Playing as a couple: ResidentEvil 7 is played with just one controller but that actually might make the couple experience better. The one less likely to scream, jump, or simply throw the controller should be in control. The other can watch in nail-biting anticipation of what happens next. Of course you can always pass around the controller as you please.

If the game is not scary enough for you just watching or playing on TV, the PS4 version has full VR support if you desire to take the experience to a new level of horror. It's this alone that will guarantee you cuddles because after a good Resident Evil 7 VR session, we can all use a hug.

Kingdom Hearts

[Credit: Square Enix & Disney]
[Credit: Square Enix & Disney]

Why you should play it together: Kingdom Hearts offers the perfect compromise for a couple where one wants to play a video game and where the other wants to watch a Disney movie – trust me, it's a thing.

Originally I wasn't the biggest fan of movies but my girlfriend who is obsessed with them is. After dating her these past few years, they grew on me – or at least that's what I have to say, love you babe <3.

Personally, I'd rather be home playing a game instead of watching another Disney Princess movie. So it's with a heavy recommendation that I say Kingdom Hearts is an amazing solution as it has something to offer both of us, me the die-hard, and her the Disney obsessed. What better game than one that marries our two passions together than ?

Playing as a couple: Kingdom Hearts is a single player game. The more experienced gamer of the pair should take the lead while the other (hopefully a Disney lover) sits back and enjoys the authenticity of the Disney themed worlds.

However, there's another way to enjoy the game, well just the story really. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 both have theater modes that allows the pair to experience everything as if it was just one really long movie, providing these are scenes you have already unlocked in-game. If the latter is your preferred way to experience the story with a lover than Pro-tip: beat the games first then when ready sit down and watch.

Pokémon GO

[Credit: Niantic]
[Credit: Niantic]

Why you should play it together: Nothing says "love" like catching Pokémon with your favorite catch.

Normally it would be considered extremely rude to be on your phone during a date, but for this one I encourage it! I mean it's a social game that has everyone staring at their phones while interacting with the people around them screaming with joy (or anger) about the that just appeared. Now is as great a time as any to jump back into the game with the recently announced Valentine's Event.

Playing as a couple: All you need are two phones with the app, a place to go, and you're all set. Make it a day long activity, go out for a walk in the park then when you're tired of walking, lie down a blanket, drop a Lure Module, and have a nice picnic catching Pokémon.

Just make sure if you stop and there's a gym nearby that you're both on the same team (*cough* Instinct *cough*) otherwise if one of you is Valor and the other a Mystic, gym battles between you two could become heated very quickly, but if you two can enjoy some friendly competition...

Super Smash Bros.

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

Why you should play it together: The classic brawler series is fun for just about anyone, and a couple that loves games or at least grew up with the popular gaming mascots featured in the title are sure to have a good time.

– and just to be clear, I'm talking about the game, not your nickname as a couple – is a fun game that just about anyone can pick up and play. What's great about it, especially for newer couples, is the game can be an ice breaker of sorts. This is mainly due to its roster of classic gaming icons that most gamers, or just humans on this planet, would be familiar with. In other words Smash Bros could lead to conversations where you find out what games your partner may have played growing up.

Playing as a couple: No matter what, you'll need two controllers for this one but how you Smash (pun intended) is up to you. Do you wanna fight each other? Fight co-op against the CPU? Or play two on two, you versus another couple? Preference is key with .

With a nicely sized roster, DLC characters, and multiple game modes, this game will keep the two of you occupied for hours. Did I mention winner gains bragging rights?

Gears Of War

[Credit: The Coalition]
[Credit: The Coalition]

Why you should play it together: A triple-A shooter with a co-op campaign that's not Call of Duty, need I say more?

Surprising to me was the number of couples I encountered online that said they enjoyed playing the exclusive series with their spouse, citing the story and gameplay as the reason they own the entire series. This is actually a great option since is one of the few blockbuster third person shooters that supports splitscreen; almost everything these days is strictly first person with online as the only form of multiplayer.

Playing as a couple: Grab a controller and start playing! Kick Locust ass! That's all there is to this one.

In a long distance relationship the online co-op can always help generate that feeling of togetherness...or cheating...with a lag-switch to pretend you're a better player. We here at Now Loading don't encourage this.

The Interactive Drama Genre

"The Walking Dead Season 1" [Credit: Telltale Games]
"The Walking Dead Season 1" [Credit: Telltale Games]

Why you should play it together: For this, I'm not recommending just one game but the whole genre. You cannot go wrong with these games as they involve simple gameplay and often tell a compelling narrative.

For those unfamiliar with this genre: these games are all about story, but you and your significant other make all the choices affecting how events will turn out. You can expect to make plenty of difficult decisions that will have a variety of unforeseen effects that can lead to the death of beloved characters and multiple endings – prepare for feels.

Playing as a couple: Like Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil, these games are played on a single controller but since you spend most of the time selecting dialogue choices in cutscenes, the two of you can shout out which option you'd like to take or simply trade off the controller. As for the part of the games that involves QTEs, whomever is better at quickly responding to these timed prompts should take the reigns during these segments.

When it comes to Interactive Dramas is the master. The studio is known for taking existing properties and adapting them into masterful creations, many of which you can find below.

Telltale Games For TV Lovers

"Game of Thrones" [Credit: Telltale Games]
"Game of Thrones" [Credit: Telltale Games]

If you two love watching The Walking Dead or , Telltale has you covered:

  • Telltale's The Walking Dead is a wholly original story unrelated to the show. Currently there's Season 1 and Season 2, with Season 3 having just begun. Your choices between seasons will carry over.
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series shares connections to the show while telling a new story and those couples who can't get enough of their favorite HBO drama need to check this one out!

Telltale Games For Comic Lovers

Batman: The Telltale Series [Credit: Telltale Games]
Batman: The Telltale Series [Credit: Telltale Games]

If comic books are your thing, than perhaps the two of you may enjoy:

  • Batman: The Telltale Series has you playing as not just the Caped Crusader but also his alter ego, Bruce Wayne. The game will have you making choices such as whether or not to tackle specific situations as either Bruce or . And just like everything else Batman, the future of Gotham City will be shaped by your actions.

  • The Wolf Among Us, based on the comic series Fables. The game takes you back to a 1980s New York City where you play as Bigby Wolf, a detective whom is partnered with Snow White as the will-they-won't-they pair set off to find out who is murdering the citizens of the secret society known as Fabletown; a place where fairy tale and nursery rhyme creatures such as Beauty and the Beast, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Bloody Mary, Ichabod Crane and even the three little pigs as all reside after being driven out of their homelands. The game's noir aesthetic and plot twists help set it apart for couples who love crime dramas.

Telltale Games For Comedy Lovers

"Tales From The Borderlands" [Credit: Telltale Games]
"Tales From The Borderlands" [Credit: Telltale Games]

Looking for something that will make you laugh?

  • Tales From The Borderlands is great for those that don't get easily offended and can enjoy the off-brand and wacky humor of the series – I mean, you can take someone hostage in a finger gun fight! Since there's two characters to play as, I recommend one of you playing as Rhys and the other Fiona and see how the two of you make the story play out. You can help each other out in a bind our just do nothing but back-stab each other the whole way through. Either way it's fun and the game is absolutely hilarious!
  • Minecraft: Story Mode is another light-hearted game adventure game that takes you through an interpretation of the world. You control Jesse, a customizable avatar for the player. The game will take you all over the Minecraft world through a variety of funny scenarios. Also the male version of Jesse is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt, so you know it's funny...or not.

Other Interactive Dramas

"Until Dawn" [Credit: Supermassive Games]
"Until Dawn" [Credit: Supermassive Games]

Telltale isn't the only studio whom makes these games – I know, shocker! Here are two non-Telltale recommendations:

  • Until Dawn is great if Resident Evil 7 isn't your forte but you still want a horror game. A PS4 exclusive, has you controlling eight characters as they reunite in a log cabin in the middle of a remote mountainside for a weekend of sex, partying, and all the delights of being away from your parents. Naturally, their plans go awry when a crazed killer appears and the night continuously spirals out of control. Your choices will decide who makes it out alive, with any combination of the eight friends able to survive or die. Its creepy setting and rough choices such as cutting off your own fingers to get out of a bear trap, or remain stuck to possibly get killed by whoever or whatever is chasing you will make your hearts race. Expect plenty of jump scares and decapitations.

  • Life Is Strange tells the story of two friends, Max and Chloe, who reunite after years of being apart. The two set out to solve the mystery of what happened to Chloe's lover, Rachel Amber. Oh, and Max can go back in time allowing the player to see the outcomes of the decisions they make and choosing the best one. If either one of you gets choked up easily, will have you balling your eyes out! Seeing the pair in the image below is already bringing back a range of feels.
"Life Is Strange" [Credit: Dontnod Entertainment]
"Life Is Strange" [Credit: Dontnod Entertainment]

What are some of your favorite games to play as a couple? Let us know in comments!


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