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Netflix has become synonymous with modern-day routines of leisurely passing the time away in front of the TV. So much so, that Netlix's streamed content has surpassed even the combined services of all the other big hitters (Amazon, Hulu and YouTube). The news was made available in a recent ComScore report that paints a picture where future generations will be the result of their parents' "Netflix and Chill" moments rather than the conventional back seat of car.

Considering the accumulated number of users Netflix has under its hat, you would be easily mistaken in giving the company a pat on the back for its apparent dominance over the streaming market. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. There is even a bigger player in the streaming game, one that rules them all.

It's Called Gaming

[Credit: @monikabaechler via Pixabay]
[Credit: @monikabaechler via Pixabay]

Yeah, gaming. That silly thing that only kids waste their time with, right? Ah, that would be a big fat "No." According to the latest SuperData report, the truth is staggering. Combine Netflix, HBO, ESPN and Hulu, and then you will almost be in the realm of the number of people game streaming content. The sheer size of the audience watching game-related content is immense, like 665 million people immense. It's so significant that the SuperData report stated:

Gaming video content (GVC) is the most important, and massive, new media platform since social media

Competitive gaming, be it casual or professional, has its own unique set of celebrities, many of whom have gone under the radar. Games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Halo and Call of Duty have their stars that are watched daily by millions. The phenomenon is quickly changing the perception of what gaming is and, more importantly, who gamers are. The SuperData went on to explain:

Compared to the days of the stereotyped gamer, the current viewer base has a high female representation (46%) and high average income ($58K in the US). These young, tech-savvy consumers are leading the “cord-cutting” charge, and they are watching GVC instead of primetime TV.

That is a huge shift away from the perception of pimply teenage boys locked away in their mom's basement. These days, people have moved upstairs and opened a window to feel the breeze of change as they sit in a more inclusive world of gaming. Just like sitting down to watch the Bulls game with friends, people are now choosing to watch eSports on services such as Twitch and YouTube.

It's Only Going To Get Bigger

Amazon's Twitch has an audience of 185 million fans streaming gaming specific content into their homes. eSports events have become huge revenue generators, with the SuperData quantifying the potential of the industry:

Ads and direct consumer spending will push GVC earnings to $4.6B this year. GVC exceeds earnings from top association football leagues like Bundesliga ($3.5B) and La Liga ($3.2B).

Gaming video content is a must for publishers. Digital viewing is a valuable outreach tool for publishers, since two in three viewers watch gaming content to learn more about a title they want to play.

How far will it go? The previous domination of a select few providers has changed forever. With streaming services such as Netflix firing on all cylinders on the TV and movie front — and gamers shifting the focus onto eSports — the competitive energy required to capture our interests will make it an exciting future for consumers.

What streaming content do you watch — gaming or Netflix? Sound off in the comments below.


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