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Rogue One was an incredible ride. It gave us an entirely new exploration of the Star Wars franchise, an amazing story, and a compelling new set of heroes able to hold their own against the likes of Luke, Leia and Han. However, it wasn't without its controversies. It being the first standalone story in the galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm decided to take away a signature of the franchise: The opening crawl.

That missing piece stirred a lot of outrage and frustration among the fan community, as it would mark the first time in history a Star Wars movie had no crawl. Well, turns out, one was actually written for , and while we didn't get to see it on screen, the first draft is currently floating around somewhere in the galaxy. recently held a Star Wars-themed Reddit AMA. During the session a fan asked him about the missing crawl.

'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

The director stated that the film's screenwriter, Gary Whitta, wrote one in an early draft of the screenplay. However, to avoid a pack of ravenous fans attacking him for a look at it, he was quick to pass the ball over to Whitta:

“Gary Whitta actually wrote one in the first draft. You'll have to pester him for it ;) ... I do believe that those opening crawl words are actually floating out there in space somewhere.”

It's important to note that this is actually the second time Gareth Edwards mentions a crawl as being part of an early draft of the screenplay. Last year, during an interview with Empire Magazine, the director stated:

"The first screenplay that Gary Whitta wrote had a crawl in it — and you learn doing that that 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away' has four dots in it, not three."

With that, the missing piece existing isn't much of a surprise. However, his comments got me thinking...

Could We See 'Rogue One's Crawl At Some Point In The Future?

'Rogue One' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]
'Rogue One' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

It's quite possible. If there's one thing Disney's proven over the last few years, it's that it listens to its fanbase, and for months there's been a high demand for the crawl. The studio releasing it sounds even more logical when we consider the implications it would have on the intricate canon.

Usually, every single detail regarding upcoming Star Wars movies is treated with frustrating, fanboy-rage-inducing secrecy in order to avoid pivotal details getting out there for eagle-eyed fans to pick up on, dissect, and through them, figure out important elements.

Fortunately, Rogue One's crawl isn't in the same situation. If we think about it, the film is set far enough apart from the larger Star Wars universe to not step on any mythology that saga films might want to touch on in the future. The film is completely free of any significant history involving Jedi or the Force.

See also:

Therefore, the crawl is most likely a very contained narration, a simple setup for the story and new characters, making its release a much easier task for .

Of course, that's just speculation on my part. As Disney has also shown us, it's a very well-oiled machine that plans 20 steps ahead before making a move, so despite how positive things might look for the crawl to see the light of day in the near future, there's no way of knowing for sure whether our eyes will ever glimpse it.

For more Rogue One footage that we didn't see, check out this BTS video of how the film's battles came to life:

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Would you have liked Rogue One to feature an opening crawl? Do you think we'll ever get to know what was written in it? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Empire)


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