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Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gary Oldman and now Amanda Seyfried: A movie with a cast like that shouldn't be that difficult to get financed, right?


Despite having cast the holy trinity of British thesping in front of the camera, Gary Oldman still can’t get Flying Horse, his second directorial effort, off the ground.

The actor-director, whose first movie behind the camera was the celebrated autobiographical family drama Nil by Mouth, told Absolutely Magazine (via Bleeding Cool and Indiewire’s The Playlist) the following:

The script doesn’t fit their model. It’s called Flying Horse and it’s a real story. I have Ralph Fiennes in at the moment, Amanda Seyfried, Benedict Cumberbatch, and me. And it’s not enough because they have to make their movie for $15 million and they have got to have their model. You need someone who will actually be a risk taker. It’s set in San Francisco but you could save yourself $100k if you do three weeks in Romania and then you get a tax subsidy if you do a week in Ireland. It’s fucking eye-crossing!”

Weirdly enough Flying Horse has some of the ingredients that should whet some investor's appetite: sex & violence.

The biopic centers on Eadweard Muybridge, a photographer who was an essential figure in the development of motion pictures and, somewhat more importantly, fulfilled every artist's secret dream by murdering a critic. The reason for this being that the victim had not only had a torrid affair with his wife but also had fathered a child with her.

would play Muybridge, Cumberbatch the party being murdered, while the director himself would turn up on screen in the role of Muybridge’s attorney. I am presuming Seyfried would star as the adulterous wife.

Sadly, there are a lot of “woulds” there, mainly because this Flying Horse may never spread its wings.


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