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Gary Oldman is great in everything. It's a known fact. He turns up, does his thing, delivers a little dose of class and moves on. That's just how the man rolls.

Just because he's reliably brilliant, though, doesn't mean he likes all the movies he's starred in and, inevitably, elevated. In a brutally honest sit-down retrospective from last year, the Brit discusses several of his most iconic roles, from True Romance to Harry Potter to The Dark Knight, speaking with refreshing honesty for an A-lister and reserving special distaste for Luc Besson's cult sci-fi flick The Fifth Element.

Watch Oldman take a trip down memory lane below.

Most of his memories are positive — no surprise, considering how many classics he's been part of. Of his white trash role in True Romance, for instance, Oldman was sold by the pitch that "he's a white guy who thinks he's black and he's a pimp." Reflecting on the loss of his The Dark Knight co-star Heath Ledger, he recalls:

"It was the beginnings of a friendship that never really flourished, because of what happened... Great world to be part of. One of the best reviews I've ever had was that I made virtue look exciting. Fucking good review, I'd say!"

But when it comes to The Fifth Element, Oldman makes an enemy of a million sci-fi fans (or, you know, at least a hundred):

"I'd directed a film and Luc Besson was one of the producers, and had initially helped me with raising financing, and I was singing for my super. He called, said I need you to do a movie, I didn't read the script... it was a favor."

When reminded that Besson's film has become a cult classic, Oldman cracks up. "I know! That's the wacky world we live in."

Oh, boy.

Oldman's next project is action-comedy The Hitman's Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds, after which he'll play William Churchill in Darkest Hour. Just don't hold your breath for a cameo in Luc Besson's next wacked-out sci-fi adventure.

What's your favorite Gary Oldman performance, and is The Fifth Element a sci-fi classic or a film best left in the '90s?

'Léon: The Professional' [Credit: Gaumont/Buena Vista]
'Léon: The Professional' [Credit: Gaumont/Buena Vista]


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