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Mark Newton

We've already seen some snippets of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but it seems like Gary Oldman has just released the biggest flood of information yet.

In an MTV interview to promote the recently released RoboCop, Oldman was asked about his involvement in ' Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. went on to reveal quite a bit of new information, some of which certainly errs on the side of spoilers. I'm not sure if Oldman was allowed to say any of what he did, but I really don't think he gives a damn. Check out the interview below:

Wow. We really learned quite a bit there, although the most revealing thing might be that 'interview Gary Oldman' sounds nothing like 'movie Gary Oldman' and that when it comes to recalling the movies he's been in he also sounds a bit like a man with concussion trying to remember a dream.

His opinion of his character as a 'hero' is certainly quite interesting. So far, the pre-release material has kind of framed Oldman as the villain of the piece — a kind of a big screen version of The Walking Dead's Governor. Hopefully Oldman's portrayal presents a complex and less two-dimensional character than what big blockbusters are used to.

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