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Scott Pierce

, the producer of Ted and 47 Ronin, is now onboard the adaptation of the hit Xbox franchise Gears of War. The project doesn't have a writer or distributor yet, but Stuber is working very closely with Epic Games. Likewise, he has a first look deal with Universal.

Big budget video game properties like Halo or BioShock have had a hard time coming together because the videogame publishers and developers want as much control as possible when the rights are sold. This is a nice contrast to the days when movie studios ignored or understood the source material. As much as I'd love a BioShock movie, for example, it's nice to know that we're not getting a bad adaptation.

Gears of War, on the other hand, is much more of a straight up action game -- focusing on the Locust Horde attacking the planet Sera. It's much more about muscles, guns, and tough dudes than something like BioShock, or even Halo.

Check out the trailer for all of the games in the series below to get a feel for what the movie could be like. Are you ready for a GoW movie?


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