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Do you find yourself on a long commute or working in a dull space? Have you grown tired of listening to music all the time to fill that silent void? Do you crave geeky things? Then the following list is for you!

A couple years ago, I began listening to podcasts as an alternative to listening to music all the time. Slowly I found myself diving deeper into a wondrous world with an array of topics to choose from. Some of my favorite podcasts are more on the nerdy side, dealing with superheroes, books, movies or other entertainment topics.

If you've never listened to a podcast, or if you are looking for something new, here's a list of five geeky podcasts you should check out:

1. Beer With Geeks

[Credit: Thought Bubble Audio]
[Credit: Thought Bubble Audio]

This fun podcast covers a wide range of geek and pop culture, from the latest trailers to playing the Oregon Trail live during an episode. The hosts, Tim and Frank, are funny and have great chemistry together. If you enjoy a good beer, you can drink along with the guys and maybe discover a new brew for yourself. Episodes usually run about 30 minutes, but they fly by. Don't worry if you're new to this show, there are plenty of episodes in their backlog for you to binge.

Also, they are part of a larger network, should you want to explore more shows from these guys.

Recommended listen: "That's Not How The Holodeck Works!"

2. The Suicide Squadcast

[Credit: Squadcast Media]
[Credit: Squadcast Media]

In case you're looking for a very specific niche, specifically news about the and other properties, then the Suicide Squadcast will satisfy. Tim and Scott present a positive and upbeat view of things happening behind the scenes on the various shows and movies that DC puts out. They also help point out which articles about the DCEU are simply clickbait, and which are worth your time to read. Their website gives links to articles they've talked about to help you be on the front lines of DC news.

They also have a wider network focusing on the comics, Arrowverse, and general geek fandom.

Recommended listen: "I'll Take That As A Yes"

3. The Incomparable

[Credit: The Incomparable Podcast]
[Credit: The Incomparable Podcast]

Like Beer With Geeks, this podcast also tackles a variety of nerdy topics. From discussing movies to anime to books, the Incomparable show covers it all. The constant rotation of guest panelists help keep the proceedings fresh and witty, and the content is always interesting. This podcast is also the flagship show of a vast network of other podcasts that discuss various TV shows, games, books and any number of topics you could imagine.

Recommended listen: "Batman! Aaaaaaa!"

4. Overdue

[Credit: Overdue Podcast]
[Credit: Overdue Podcast]

For the longest time, I searched for a good literature podcast that reviewed and discussed books I was reading. I found a treasure in Overdue. From classic works to modern fare, Craig and Andrew take turns reading a book and then telling the other about it, including major plot points and discussion on themes. If you never had the time to read a certain work but would like to know more about it, these guys have probably covered it, or will in the future. This one is great for all the book nerds out there.

Recommended listen: "The Fellowship of the Ring"

5. Mission Log

[Credit: Mission Log Podcast]
[Credit: Mission Log Podcast]

This one goes out to all the Trekkies among us, as Mission Log: A Roddenberry Podcast watches every single episode and movie in order. They not only review the episode but also uncover the show's themes and ponder whether its messages are still relevant today. The hosts work well together, mixing humor with heart as they delve into the good episodes along with the bad.

Recommended listen: "Dagger of the Mind"

With each of these podcasts containing an extensive backlog, you have plenty of audio to explore for several months. Podcasts can be a great way of learning new information, finding something funny to brighten your day, or expanding your horizons and how you think. In terms of geek culture, these five shows will keep you covered.

What are some nerdy podcasts you would recommend?


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