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David Latona

We love to show you South African babes here on this site. I don't know if it's the climate, the food or the cultural diversity, but somehow gals from that country are made of the Right Stuff. Our latest example is model Genevieve Morton, a prime example of South African perfection. Thankfully, she is a well fleshed-out woman; and not an anorexic-bordering stick insect of those that sadly make up a big chunk of the modeling/fashion industry.

Some people prefer trikinis, others have a penchant for bikinis... but who doesn't love old-fashioned one-piecers? Morton knows how to pull them off, in all sorts of colors and cuts, with her voluptuous figure filling them like a glove. I'll just shut my yap and let you gape in peace:

Via drunkenstepfather.


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