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Will Wharton

has had a career resurgence of sorts, starring in idie-horror, The Divide, featuring in drug addict lawyer-guy vehicle, Puncture, and pulling writer/director/lead duty in the totally under appreciated, The Victim. You dig grindhouse? Pick up that film.

Now, according to Geek Tyrant, the Aliens and The Terminator alumni is set to co-star in 's The Eternal, an intriguing flick about a 500-year-old vampire looking to end his life by brawling with the descendants of the warriors he squared off with in the past.

Sounds like good times, yeah?

Details are scarce, but we'll be on the lookout for the latest Biehn-centric vampire news in the coming months as details for The Eternal solidify.

You know, because we love you.


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