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Ever since and his wife, Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin), took Hollywood by storm as its newest classy "it" couple and their subsequent wedding in 2014, fans have been wondering if they would grace the world with more of their glorious DNA. A few weeks ago, Amal was spotted with a suspicious-looking bump, which got the internet hyped up for a possible beautiful baby.

And obviously brilliant, with Amal for a mom. [Credit: NBC]
And obviously brilliant, with Amal for a mom. [Credit: NBC]

And that just might be what's happening in a few months. In Touch Weekly talked to a source reportedly close to Amal, who revealed the power couple of the decade are having not just one baby, but two - twins:

“Amal is pregnant with twins: a boy and a girl. When George and Amal found out it was twins they were surprised, but also a little scared because they both had said that one was enough. But the news that it was a boy and a girl made them both really happy. They feel like they’ve hit the family jackpot.”

Reportedly, Amal and George were unable to conceive during the summer, so they turned to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

A Reluctant Bachelor Turned Future Family Man

The Descendants (2011) [Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]
The Descendants (2011) [Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]

According to the source, George was a little hesitant about having children, which fits with a statement he made during an interview in 2006 for People magazine when asked if he would ever see himself as a dad:

"I think it’s the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. I think it’s the biggest responsibility you’ll have, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. I don’t have that thing in me that says, ‘must do it.’ I don’t see myself ever having kids. But everything in my life has changed over periods of time … and the world does change.”

Let's be honest, the man will make us swoon no matter what:

And changed he is, as he's reportedly very excited with his two babies:

“He’s gone from never wanting to be a father to being totally excited about Amal’s pregnancy [...] He’s been doting on Amal’s every need and talking to her belly. He’s also having a blast coming up with baby names.”

He could always name the boy "Bruce"...

This is surely a very exciting moment for fans of George and Amal, but there's still something to keep in mind...

Is This News Reliable?

[Credit: Gawker]
[Credit: Gawker]

Let's consider the validity of the rumors: Gawker conducted an investigation in 2010 to find out the credibility stats on gossip magazines, which you can see in the image above.

In Touch had a 21% accuracy record, with 19 incorrectly reported pregnancies, including, Gwen Stefani's in 2016. So take it with a grain of salt, obviously.

With that said, the magazine has had reliable reports about the subject, such as Heidi Klum's pregnancy, so we shouldn't write this off as another false rumor just yet. Hopefully - if this is true - everything goes well with Amal's pregnancy.

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