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The other day, numerous news outlets around the world suggested that George R. R. Martin — the creator of all things A Song of Fire and Ice — does not watch HBO's TV adaptation of his book series. And it all stemmed from his interview with the Metro, in which he apparently said that he struggles to find the time for David Benioff and Dan Weiss's creation, partly because he's always too busy working on ASOIAF novel The Winds of Winter, and partly because he's always doing important things like going on tour.

Now however, just days after this unexpected piece of information came out into the open, the author has taken it upon himself to clarify the mild confusion. Communicating with Entertainment Weekly via email, the 68-year-old has just said that he must have been misquoted and that something was probably lost in translation. According to him, he can't recall saying anything of the sort.

So, to ensure that we could all breathe a huge sigh of relief, Martin then confirmed that he does follow the series. Due to his various commitments however, he's just a little behind on Season 7 of , that's all.

For those that are up to speed though, feast your eyes on the promo for the 80-minute finale, premiering next Sunday on :

Can you sleep soundly tonight knowing the George R. R. Martin definitely watches Game of Thrones?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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