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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The world may have lost its collective mind when Glenn and Abraham were killed off in the first episode of Season 7, but one person who isn't swept up in the hype is the original zombie maestro, George Romero.

Did you mess up the zombie genre, Rick?
Did you mess up the zombie genre, Rick?

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Not only is Romero not keen on The Walking Dead, but he thinks that it's actively detrimental to the zombie horror genre, telling IndieWire:

"|All of a sudden, here came 'The Walking Dead.' So you couldn’t a zombie film that had any sort of substance. It had to be a zombie film with just zombies wreaking havoc. That’s not what I’m about.

Now, because of 'World War Z' and 'The Walking Dead,' I can’t pitch a modest little zombie film, which is meant to be sociopolitical. I used to be able to pitch them on the basis of the zombie action, and I could hide the message inside that. Now, you can’t. The moment you mention the word zombie, it’s got to be, ‘Hey, Brad Pitt paid $400 million to do that.'"

It's interesting to hear a dissenting voice in the near-universal wave of Walking Dead love, but Romero's comments will doubtless have pissed a few people off. His anger seems to be directed more at the people who choose which movies get funded rather than The Walking Dead specifically, but he certainly ain't no fan. Add your thoughts in the comments below!


Which zombie world do you like better?

For those of you who love The Walking Dead more than Romero does, here's a tear-jerking video about the late, great Glenn Rhee.

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