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Hollywood has rummaged deep into the toy box over the years for inspiration, developing movies based on Battleship, Cluedo and even the fictional property Jumanji. Unsurprisingly though, no one has ever played something like Gerald's Game onscreen before, at least, not until now.

In a year where clowns have eaten children and monsters have crawled out of the mist, it turns out that the most unnerving Stephen King adaptation in 2017 is none other than Gerald's Game, a tale of kinky sex gone oh so horribly wrong.

First published in 1992, the unusual premise of Gerald's Game had been deemed unfilmable by fans of Stephen King before director Mike Flanagan took the reigns and began to develop a movie adaptation for . Starring Carla Gugino (Watchmen) and Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) as a married couple who literally become tied up in a deadly game of sex and murder, has all the makings of a Stephen King classic that will chain viewers to the screen for its entire running time.

Ready to play? Check out the first official trailer for Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Gerald's Game below!

The most obvious parallel to Gerald's Game is 's very own Misery, which also stars a reluctant prisoner trapped in a bedroom, but it's safe to say that Paul Sheldon and Annie Wilkes didn't share the same kind of relationship that Jessie and Gerald Burlingame enjoy here.

Hollywood is notoriously prudish when it comes to portraying sex that deviates from the norm onscreen, so Netflix seems to be the perfect home for this unusual survival thriller. When they're handled right, movies based in solely one location are the most tense thrillers of all and, as the trailer reveals, the psychology behind this isolation will also play a key role here too.

Director Mike Flanagan has already proven himself to be adept at transforming tricky concepts into believable movies, including the likes of Hush and even Ouija: Origin of Evil, which somehow managed to surpass its predecessor in every way possible. Sure, IT and Mr. Mercedes have already restored our faith in adaptations of Stephen King's work, but fans can discover for themselves whether Flanagan has done it again and somehow filmed the unfilmable when Gerald's Game hits on September 29.

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