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If Independence Day and Call of Duty has taught me one thing, it's that fighting in or blowing up the White House is always pretty good fun. It seems like and have also figured out this formula in their latest blood-soaked patriotic action flick, Olympus Has Fallen.

Olympus Has Fallen has Butler playing a disgraced secret service agent to the US President (). He's called back into duty on the one day a very well-equipped terrorist force storms the White House and takes the POTUS hostage. Butler then goes all 'John McClane' in an attempt to save the White House and free the commander-in-chief. also stars as the wise-old Speaker of the House, as you'd kind of expect.

Collider caught up the director and Butler to talk about the film, in particular how Fuqua aimed to bring a more brutal approach to the violence. Check out what they have to say below:

(via Collider)

Believable? That's not really the impression I got from the trailer, but who cares? If you want a believable movie about burning down the White House, I'd suggest something on the History Channel. If you just want to see Gerard Butler running around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue brutally dispatching terrorists, then you need not look any further than Olympus Has Fallen, at least until 's White House Down is released...

So, what are you thinking? Has Olympus Has Fallen grabbed your attention? Let us know what you think of it below.


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