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Will Wharton

Where did the Spice Girls go? I remember being a young Russian on a packed train to [UNDISCLOSED LOCATION] and hearing their feminist wailings coming across the nearly broken speaker system. It was at that moment standing shoulder to shoulder with close to 300 other Russian– I mean, tourists that I experienced an awakening unlike any other that I had previously experienced. THIS was what real music sounded like! THIS was the taste of the West that we had been sent to destr- I mean, enjoy and I was loving it!

Finally when the train arrived in [UNDISCLOSED LOCATION] and I began unpacking supplies and [UNDISCLOSED ITEM] I couldn't get the tune out of my head. So much so that when my group of 300 loyal [REDACTED] attempted to take over a [UNDISCLOSED LOCATION] I managed to rumble our cover by bursting into a spectacular rendition of 'Wannabe'. I have no regrets.

Therefore, with the Spice Girls being as large a part of my life as they are, I feel it's my duty to follow each and every one of them on Twitter. Yesterday Geri (the red one) tweeted this. It made me happy.


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