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I've been writing for Movie Pilot and Creators for just over two years now. When I first started back in the August of 2014, I can honestly say I didn't expect it to go anywhere substantial. "Oh boy," I'd thought, "somewhere I can post nonsensical trite about Star Wars!" Little did I know that just 77 articles and half a million reads later, I'd be flying off to Germany to represent the site at 2016.

Thanks to the people at Creators, I was able to spend two days wandering the halls of the convention in Berlin, meeting big screen stars and TV legends from all across the globe. It was, in a nutshell, ever so slightly mind-blowing. Imagine walking into a room chock full of like-minded nerds, life-size movie memorabilia and, oh look — there's Doc Brown in the corner over there! And to think it only came together thanks to me writing a bunch of fancy Star Wars articles.

The Convention Floor

Berlin Comic Con, although fairly new, is by-and-large the most popular convention of its kind in mainland Europe, and boy could you tell. The show floor was packed on both days, with thousands of fans from all across the world gracing the halls over the weekend. Aside from the various panels and signings, the convention had tons to offer in the way of huge props, such as the tumbler Batmobile (featuring a life-sized Catwoman impersonator) and more stalls and workshops than I could count.

The Guests

Greg Grunberg and Ray Park just chillin'
Greg Grunberg and Ray Park just chillin'

But what's a convention without its guests?

Headlining this year was Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd. While on my way there, I had to keep promising myself that I'd keep my cool when I met the man and that I was just there to say hi and ask him a few questions. Under no circumstances was I allowed to fluff it.

Anyway, after fluffing it with Christopher Lloyd, I wandered around the other tables. For such a recently established event, Berlin Comic Con had managed to snag some pretty big names: Famke Janssen, a.k.a. Jean Grey, was one such star who hung around for the entire duration of the event. Billie Piper, however, one half of everyone's favorite Cockney Tardis crew, was only present on the first day of the event but more than made up for it by making sure to spend a bit of time with each and every fan that came her way.

There was also a huge Star Wars presence at the con, with Ray Park and Ken Colley, the men behind Darth Maul and Admiral Piett respectively, being the more well known of the bunch. Resistance pilots Tosin Cole and Greg Grunberg (did you know he was in Heroes too?!) also had their own little stalls dotted along the hall.

The Panels

My man Christopher Lloyd. We're essentially best mates now.
My man Christopher Lloyd. We're essentially best mates now.

However, despite being fairly talented in that regard, the majority of the guests weren't just there to sit around and look pretty. Both days were packed with panels hosted by nearly all the guests present, ranging from Sylvester McCoy mingling with the crowd and answering fans' questions to Greg Grunberg (did you know he was in Heroes?!) interviewing both Ray Park and Christopher Lloyd.

Every panel finished off with a Q&A which, without fail, would result in one fan asking the star for a hug. After the third or fourth time it stopped being cute and became kinda irritating, but for the most part the guests didn't seem to mind all that much. Christopher Lloyd in particular seemed really up for it. They say never meet your heroes, but when they're all just top notch people like the guests at Berlin Comic Con, you'd be a fool not to.

The City

What attracted me most to the experience was the city of Berlin itself. The convention was conveniently nestled right in the middle of October, which coincidentally was around the same time the city was coming to life for Oktoberfest. The Berlin nightlife was unlike anything I've experienced before. It was, in essence, a sausage and beer-themed Valhalla. Every street corner was jam packed with bratwurst stalls and craft beer vendors; every building lit up in swathes of spectacular color — man, it was beautiful.

Also a DeLorean.
Also a DeLorean.

I've made it no secret that choosing to write for Creators was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Throwing in a trip to Berlin has only reaffirmed that belief. The opportunities that come with writing for the site are truly phenomenal and if the prospect of a trip abroad to meet a bunch of A-list celebrities isn't enough to convince you then I don't know what will.

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