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Before Midnight seemed to wrap and be in the can before some people even realized it was being made. For fans of the -directed existential romance cycle starring and , the film can't be on screens soon enough after a well-received premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Surprisingly little has made its way onto our radar about what will happen other than the fact that Celine and Jesse reunite in Greece. Have a look at the latest stills, which are delightfully what you'd expect:

(via The Playlist)

Looks like those two still have that chemistry that makes the now-trilogy one of the more unpretentious romances in the indie genre. Following the Academy Award-nomination for Before Sunset, audiences, critics and distributors alike have been waiting to see what will become of the star-crossed couple. Before Midnight takes place eight years after the last film, and Hawke has hinted that the internet plays a role in the plot.

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