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Yesterday we told you about the Kickstarter-funded documentary, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened. It plans to tell the tale behind 's bizarre Superman reboot, Superman Lives, which would have starred and a whole host of weird ideas, including a space dog, robot Superman suit and giant flying skull. Although a lot of concept art has washed up online, we've just got out best look yet at Nic Cage in the Man of Steel's suit. Check out the unseen test suit below:

(via Comic Book Movie)

Despite the ridiculous-sounding concepts behind Superman Lives, in turns out Cage's suit is actually pretty faithful to the original comics. It's almost a shame we didn't get to see him take to the air as Superman.

Do you think Cage would have made a good Superman? State your case in the comments section below!

Metalocalypse director/producer, Jon Schnepp, still needs $60,000 to make his documentary. If you want to donate some cash head over to Kickstarter.


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