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Did you know was planning to make a Batman movie? Well, he was and from the sounds of it, it was even darker than 's Dark Knight trilogy.

Some new (or should I say old) concept art for the project has just washed up online. It gives us a glimpse of what an Aronofsky Batman might have looked like. Basically, I don't think the concept art is all too incredible, although the actual story behind it does sound interesting. Even Aronofsky himself seems to realize that in the wake of The Dark Knight, massive pointy bat ears and old-school utility belts are a bit silly looking. He recently tweeted:

Check out the art below, and keep reading to get the Aronofsky Batman synopsis:

So, before Warner Bros. decided to move ahead with Chris Nolan's vision for Batman, they also entertained the idea of an Aronofsky directed series loosely based on Frank Miller's Batman: Year One comic. It seemed somewhere along the line both Aronofsky and Miller's script went somewhat off road and ended up looking like a completely different Batman origin movie.

In Aronofsky's version Bruce Wayne was not a billionaire playboy, instead after the death of his parents he was homeless and living on the streets of Gotham. He finds shelter in a car garage owned by Big Al, the son of which was Little Al. After Big Al's death, Little Al eventually becomes Bruce's mentor and begins to train Batman in crime fighting. Batman soon takes to patrolling the streets in a souped up Lincoln Continental (the first Batmobile) while his first costume simply consisted of a hockey mask and a cape. While kicking ass in Gotham, Bruce began wearing his father's ring which featured an engraving of an intertwined 'T' and 'W' (for Thomas Wayne). This meant that when Bruce face-smashed his adversaries, it left a mark which looked like a Bat, therefore earning him the nickname, 'The Bat-man'. For a much more detailed synopsis head over to here.

Personally, as someone who was never a huge Batman fan, I quite like this treatment. I think its rags-to-riches tale is more fulfilling than simply making Wayne a billionnaire, while the general tone also suggests flashes of gritty vigilante movies like Taxi Driver.

What do you think? Would Aronofsky's Batman movie have been great, or would it have buried the franchise forever? Let me know below.


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