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Abi Toll

For his new film plays against type to be a monstrous Maniac for , creator of High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes.

Soon the movie will be released for home viewing, and special features on the BR/DVD release will include: commentary, feature length making-of the production, deleted scenes and a poster gallery.

Maniac will also be released as a highly collectible VHS edition through Mondo Video in which there will be 500 copies available in a clamshell case with an inserted purple cassette.

Check out the clip below which looks at one of the releases bonus features including an interview with producer .

Maniac is a remake of and ’s 1980 cult classic of the same name which is a 'Jack the Ripper- style' psychologically complex and profoundly horrific tale.

I don't know about you but I am extremely intrigued to see Elijah play the psycho. Do you think he could pull off a convincing Maniac?



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