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Sophie Atkinson

Veronica Mars was one of the most exciting TV shows of this reporter's teen years. Kristen Bell became my own personal superheroine by delivering withering put downs and punches with equal force - and she hasn't lost her knack for either in the first ever Veronica Mars movie 'sneak peek'.

What's a sneak peek, pray tell? Why dear Reader, it's both a behind-the-scenes featurette with all your Neptune High favorites being sweet and grateful for the record-breaking reaction on Kickstarter to their appeal and it's also a short trailer of the upcoming film we're all dying to see complete with clips from the TV series. The trailer starts three mins in, if that's what you're most interested in.


Looks awesome, though I'm a little leery about the pigeonholing of Veronica Mars as a 'postmodern Nancy Drew'. Does anyone even know what the word postmodern means anymore, or are we just peppering it here, there and everywhere, when what we really mean is 'modern', no? Here, let The Simpsons break it down for you.


Well, Kickstarter-ettes, looks like your 5.7 million dollars hasn't gone to waste. I'm pumped for this movie and presumably you are too. Let me know if this looks like your cup of tea or if it's not quite what you were hoping for below...


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