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I feel conflicted when writing an article like this; on the one hand I'm desperate to know EVERYTHING I possibly can about my most anticipated superhero movie of next year... and on the other hand I don't want to know anything, I want to go in cold and be totally surprised. It's the daily battle with spoilers that most of us internet-savvy, movie-loving lunatics have to face— and today is no different. No— today is different. It's different because if the spoiler I'm about to present to you is true... we're going to know the entire climax of Iron Man 3

These spoilers concern specifically details on Tony Stark's new suit and also what's going to happen in the big battle at the end of the movie. The SPOILERS start now...

The guys over at Latino Review and their carefully placed web of spies within the Marvel HQ are reporting that the muted gold suit is not in fact the Mark VIII armor that we we're expecting to see (Marks I - III the cave armor, the silver armor and the final red featured in Iron Man. Marks IV - VI the removable helmet armor, the suitcase armor and the triangle chested armor featured in Iron Man 2 and the Mark VII mid-air armor appeared in The Avengers) but is in actual fact the Mark XLVII (47) armor. Wait, what? Yes, the armor we’ve seen is not Mark VIII, the eighth armor, but the forty-seventh armor. Ben Kingsley's Mandarin is controlling a gang of Extremis enhanced bad guys and they're too much for Iron Man to take on by himself. Once scene that was described featured Stark telling Pepper that he's heading out in the Mark XLVII suit, she asks him what happened to the other forty and he responds by just smiling. Then we cut to the cockpit of the Mark XLVII with Tony Stark controlling multiple Iron Man armors in battle. Latino Review is saying they've seen an action scene where One Iron Man controls another 40 who are taking on Extremis enhanced villains. Awesomesauce. Forty Iron Men.

Woah, what I love is the idea of Stark adapting to survive, going to such great lengths to defeat his foes. The spoilers really do get me excited for the movie in a way that the rumors I heard about The Dark Knight Rises didn't (turns out it was awesome anyway). It's sad that I (and possibly you) now have the knowledge of how the endgame of the movie will go down but it also increased the anticipation just a little. Just a smidge!

Whatever your opinion of spoilers, you can't deny Iron Man 3 looks epic!


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