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playing a mafia guy? What's that you say? Nothing new under the sun? Well, sure, De Niro's been the go-to mobster actor in Hollywood for the past four decades, but there's an extremely good reason for it: he's the freaking best at the job. Be it as Vito, Jimmy, Lorenzo or Ace; the legendary performer has given such iconic renditions that it's a small wonder he's become the mafia guy (with Al Pacino's permission) in the industry. Now he's come under the orders of to portray yet another underworld boss in the French-American production The Family, which promises to give a slightly more comedic touch to the mobster genre.

The Family tells the story of the Manzonis, a small mafia clan who one day commits the fatal mistake of snitching on the mob. Now part of the Witness Protection Program, they get relocated to Normandy (France) and are forced to adapt to their new, unsettling situation. Old habits die hard, and the family members soon revert to their previous lifestyles, shaking up things in the sleepy little French town. Meanwhile, CIA Agent Tom Quintililani () tries to keep them in line.

To promote their new film, the people over at Relativity decided to whet our appetites even more with five new promotional posters focusing on each individual member of the titular family. The household includes The Killer Dad Fred Blake/Giovanni Manzoni (De Niro), One Bad Mother Maggie Blake (), The Mobgirl Next Door Belle (), The Young Gun Warren () and furry Hitman's Best Friend (a cool German shepherd named Emeron). Given the film's budget (the executive producer is , 'nuff said), it seems the studio wanted to save some cash on the photographer and visuals department: three out of the five character images are actually the same that appear on the ensemble poster. In any case, they did manage to make me want to watch the movie; although in my case it's mainly the De Niro + Scorsese = A.W.E.S.O.M.E. formula that's doing it. What about you? Check out the posters by scrolling down like you've never scrolled before:

And here's the merry lot again, all in one happy frame:

The Family premieres on September 13th, 2013.



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