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  • star of 's 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - apparently has a wealth of information to share with fans of the slasher, as he's bringing out a book. Chain Saw Confidential gives us insight into the iconic gore-fest and, as a little teaser for us, Hansen has been talking about some of it in more detail.

The actor, who played mentally impaired cannibal Leatherface and is now a critically acclaimed author, talked to the LA Times and revealed that when filming for the movie, he was totally immersed in every aspect of it:

We were so immersed in what was going on we really lost track of the outside world. We became those characters.

Which, apparently, got Gunnar a great deal of attention from the opposite sex:

I used to find that there were women who were excited to meet me. When they discovered that I wasn't like Leatherface, some were relieved - but most were disappointed.

But although there were obviously some perks to the job, Hansen didn't always have a huge amount of fun:

The most common question I get asked when I am at a fan convention is: Was it fun? I always say no. It was a great experience, but it was never fun. People are shocked when they hear that. I don't think people understand just how brutally difficult it was. We really teetered on the edge of disasters so many times; somebody could have been severely injured or killed. We just lucked out.

And when asked what the most grueling scene for him personally was, Hansen commented:

I think the most difficult part physically was the actual chase scene [with Sally] because it was at night. It was extremely hot. I couldn't see and I was wearing those high-heeled boots, so just physically that was the most difficult part for me. I have never been a runner. I had to practice running on my own to get my wind built up.

From the sounds of it, it's about time Hansen and the other actors got their due from the movie. They went through a ball-breaking shoot to get very little initial profit from the Chainsaw Massacre phenomenon. This should be a good book from a talented writer.

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