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For better or worse, The Twilight Saga is now over. From the looks of The Host, Stephenie Meyer's latest book-to-movie adaptation, vampires and werewolves are out, and parasitic soul-eating aliens are on the way in. That's an improvement, right?

We've already been treated to a bunch of The Host posters and images, but we've got a new one for you. Okay, so it's not exactly the most exciting image to ever grace the eyes, but it does perhaps give us our best glimpse yet of the Oscar nominated in her lead role as Melanie Stryder. Check it out below:

(via Hey U

Of course, in true Twilight fashion, The Host features another supernatural love triangle. The whole of humanity has been invaded by a bunch of aliens who infiltrate our bodies and take over our minds. Melanie is 'invaded' by Wanderer, an alien soul who is unable to completely take over her body. Now inhabiting the same mind, Wanderer learns about Melanie's true love, some dude called Jared. As Wanderer becomes vulnerable to Melanie's emotions, she also falls in love with the guy. So, with malevolent forces trying to stop them, both Melanie and Wanderer set off to find the man they both love.


And I thought the whole vampire- werewolf-human love triangle was a bit fudged up. How does she come up with this stuff?

The Host stars Ronan alongside , , and . You can expect it to arrive in theaters on March 29. Make sure to [[follow]] the movie to be kept updated on the latest from this project.


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