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Mark Newton

People unfamiliar with the original Sin City graphic novels may have been surprised to discover that would not be reprising his role as Dwight in Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Instead, the part, which would be of central importance in the prequel, went to .

Unfortunately, there are no excitingly scandalous reasons for Owens replacement, instead in A Dame To Kill For Dwight was always expected to have a different face (you'll find out why in the movie). Anyway, director has just tweeted our first look at Dwight's new (or should I say old?) face. Check it out below:

(via Twitter)

As a film noir lover, I thought the look of the first Sin City was awesome. It's certainly great to see it being recreated for the sequel. What do you think? Does this first image give you hopes A Dame To Kill For will be as great as Sin City? Give me your opinions below.


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