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Mark Newton

I think everyone has a bit of Walter Mitty in them. That desire to break free from the everyday mundanity of life to become a fighter pilot or spy or something like that. I certainly know I do. For this reason I am quite looking forward to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty starring, and directed by, .

At the moment, information regarding the project is kind of scarce, but I can imagine if is like the 1947 original it will be a moving but amusing bitter-sweet comedy. The LA Times has just got their hands on the first official still of Stiller as the titular character, so check it out below:

Want to find out more? Well, here's the synopsis:

In the remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye film, Stiller's Mitty is a photo editor at LIFE magazine whose daydreaming makes him an object of ridicule and keeps him from a woman he admires (Kristen Wiig). He goes on a series of quests — ostensibly to locate a missing image (taken by a photographer played by Sean Penn), but in fact to find his true self.

It seems like Stiller hasn't been as busy in recent years as he used to be. Despite this, I can imagine him playing a pitch perfect Walter Mitty. What do you think? Can Stiller pull off this famous role? Let me know below.


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