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Dania Lerman

1) Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

An authentic/conversation-free way to say "I love you".

2) World of Warcraft Murloc Zip-Up Hoodie

A sly but loving way to get your controller-hugging boy outside.

3) Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels

A gift that truly speaks for itself.

4) Batgirl Glow-in-the Dark Panties

Get your Batgirl some Batvision in all the right places.

5) Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Live long and prosper. Literally.

6) Batman Grey Briefs with Cape

Let your boy be the hero you know (/he thinks) he is.

7) Star Wars Chop Sabers

Never eat sushi without using the force ever again.

8) Nintendo Knee High Socks

Proudly introduce the world to the concept of "Sexy Gamer Girl".

9) Minecraft Pick Axe Bottle Opener

Show your boy you really do know how useful the Pick Axe is.

10) Ouija Board Bra And Hot Pants Set

The perfect gift for a girl who likes to "get freaky".

11) Space Invaders Magnet Set

Spice up your kitchen without actually needing to cook.

12) Periodic Table Shower Curtain

...because science is sexy and you totally know it.

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