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focuses on the The Major, the leading field commander of Section 9 and a cyborg with a synthetic body and human mind, played by Hollywood queen . The film's futuristic backdrop highlights the issues with advancing tech and how artificial intelligence can turn against us if not closely monitored. Gone are the days when eyes were glued to smartphones; in Ghost in the Shell, many humans have biological enhancements that infuse their brains with technology, including upgraded eyes for seeing in multiple spectrums, and external memories.

There's only one problem — it's discovered that these biological enhancements can be hacked and sabotaged. In the film, The Major must attempt to prevent potentially catastrophic attacks on citizens she and her group have sworn to protect.

Section 9 will be on hand throughout our exclusive Ghost in the Shell Facebook Live event. And the hackers have found out. These baneful big-screen bandits are on a mission to hack into the Super News mainframe during our action-packed Facebook Live schedule.

"Ghost in the Shell" is coming to Super News Facebook Live [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
"Ghost in the Shell" is coming to Super News Facebook Live [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

This is not one to miss. On top of the cool events, we've been reliably informed that the hackers have all sorts of cyber nuggets of golden information to spread to lucky viewers, all in preparation for Ghost in the Shell's release on March 31. You lucky things, you.

Tune in to the Super News Facebook Live event from 10 a.m. on Wednesday March 22 for your dose of all things Ghost in the Shell — just watch out for those hackers.

[Main image: Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell — Paramount Pictures]


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