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For fans of anime and in particular, there aren't many pieces of music as evocative or iconic as the theme song from the ending of the original anime.

The new, controversial live-action Ghost In The Shell has an an all-new soundtrack by Clint Mansell which is filled with perfectly decent brooding, electro textures — but it can't compare to the original '95 soundtrack by Kenji Kawai.

Rupert Sanders's movie is absolutely loaded with Easter Eggs, several of which are really quite cool, but perhaps my favorite arrives at the moment when the end credits roll — and a very familiar song begins to play...

Yep — while the names of the cast, crew and VFX artists who made this new Ghost In The Shell such a visual masterpiece were rolling, the music playing was 'Making Of A Cyborg', lifted straight from the credits of the original anime.

Besides being a really nice touch and perhaps the most overt reference to Oshii's classic film, it's also simply an incredible piece of music. For it to be heard by a majority of Ghost In The Shell's audience for the first time 22 years later is pretty fucking epic.

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The song has also been given a remix by EDM DJ Steve Aoki, which you can check out on Spotify.

Ghost In The Shell is out now, and despite the "whitewashing" controversy, Scarlett Johansson gives the performance of her career, making it a must-see.

What was your favorite Ghost In The Shell easter egg, and how did the new soundtrack stack up versus the classic anime?


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