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A stuntman is suing the producers of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance for over $1 million in damages.

Michael 'Crazy Mike' Gaboff has brought a lawsuit against the bosses of the comic book movie, starring as the titular character, after a promotional stunt for the DVD release went wrong and left him with serious injuries.

Gaboff was left with a broken back, collapsed lungs and second-degree burns after he drove a motorbike into a lake while on fire in an attempt to recreate the flaming skulled anti-hero's antics.

A report from TMZ fills in the details:

Mike says the movie's "negligence" is to blame for his near-death experience -- claiming the film knew the move posed a HUGE risk and yet it "consciously chose not to take specific safety measures."

Not only that, Crazy Mike says that production-honchos were WARNED not to go through with the "ultrahazardous activities", but chose to do it anyway. The report continues:

Mike's suing for medical expenses and loss of earnings -- he doesn't specify a dollar amount -- but he reportedly spent two months in a hospital recovering, with bills over $1 million.

Does the term "assumption of risk" mean anything to anyone else? Or should he sell his soul to the demon Zarathos and become an all new Ghost Rider, then exact his revenge on those who wronged him?

Anyway, either way, let's look on he bright side and hope that this means Sony will let this property slip back to Marvel like Lionsgate did with the Punisher series.


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