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After wowing us with Inside Out — and teasing Captain Marvel details — screenwriter Meg Fauve isn't slowing down. Disney have just tapped Fauve to direct one of their upcoming animated features, the Jack and the Beanstalk adaptation Gigantic.

Disney have high hopes for Gigantic, supposedly incorporating the same elements that lead to the success of Frozen. At the 2015 convention D23, producer Nathan Greno expressed his confidence in the upcoming movie.

“We hope this will be the definitive version of Jack and the Beanstalk... with comedy and deep emotion.”

Nathan Greno and Dorothy McKee at D23 2015.
Nathan Greno and Dorothy McKee at D23 2015.

Announced at the same time as Frozen, it's taken much much longer for Gigantic to climb its way up to the big screen, and details about the movie are thin on the ground. Let's count out what we know so far.

A New Twist On The Tale

Instead of climbing a beanstalk and making an enemy of one giant, this version of the story sees Jack befriend the house-sized 11 year old girl named Inma. Although "fiery" and intimidating, Inma instantly takes to Jack and treats him as a doll or pet.

More concept art revealed for 'Gigantic'.
More concept art revealed for 'Gigantic'.

The two face off against the Storm Giants, who stand at 120 feet and aren't so friendly. Gigantic is set during the Spanish Age of Exploration, and Jack is an aspiring adventurer.

Songs Like Frozen

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez — who won the Best Original Song Oscar for Frozen's "Let It Go" — will be writing the songs for Gigantic.

Will they be able to top Frozen's show-stopping tunes?

Released In 2018

Originally slated for a 2015 release, Gigantic was pushed back to 2018. The new release date is November 21st.

Tell us in the comments: Are you excited for this movie?

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