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The future of the X-Files is still very much trapped within in the realms of uncertainty. There has been tentative talks of an X-Files 3 and even a new TV series for quite some time, and it seems both and are super keen to get involved. Unfortunately, beyond this, little has been forthcoming. However, the UFO chasing pair recently appeared together on the front cover of The Reunions Issue of Entertainment Weekly. Take a look at the couple below:

If you want to read the full interview and report I'm afraid you're going to have to get dressed, leave your house and actually go out and purchase something physical. I know right, what a hassle! Luckily I've got a snippet of the story right here. Duchovny recalls first meeting Anderson and heading into the audition together:

Gillian and I got [to the audition] about the same time, and we ended up running lines in the hallway. We had developed a comfort level with each other when we did the audition. Over time, we grew into ourselves as actors, and refined what those characters meant to each other.

Even with a pretty lackluster X-Files 2, I think these guys should be given another shot. The truth must certainly still be out there.

What do you think? Do you want to see more X-Files or do you just want to keep the memories? Let us know below.


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