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Bryan Fuller's mind blowing Starz series American Gods is garnering all sorts of attention, all well deserved. The highly stylized visual look is right out of Fuller's earlier series, the amazing Hannibal, and the story of the battle of old versus new gods is compelling to say the least.

The God Of Media

One of the new gods battling for supremacy is The God of Media, encompassing the obsession all of us have for the TV box and movie screen icons, both past and present. In an amazing casting coup, Fuller secured the services of the wonderful Gillian Anderson, know for her iconic character Dana Scully in The X-Files. Anderson worked with Fuller on Hannibal, so it's no surprise he wanted her for this important role.

Her job is to sway Shadow Moon away from Mr. Wednesday (a.k.a. Odin), and join the new gods in their battle with the old guard. Her first appearance was definitely a blast from the past.

Lucille Ball

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]

Revealing herself to Shadow through TV screens in a store as Lucille Ball freaked the hell out of him, but it definitely made a big impression. Shadow didn't know quite what to make of her, but her diatribe on the gullibility of the average person succumbing to the pretty images on TV and in movies and music was very compelling.

David Bowie

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]

Now THIS one blew my mind! I never in a million years thought she could pull off the legendary David Bowie in all his Ziggy Stardust glory! Her talk with new god Technical Boy was more an order from her boss, Mr. World (hey, everyone has a boss, right?), but given that Technical Boy is such a little brat, it didn't really take.

And in case you aren't familiar with just how spot on Gillian was as Bowie, check this out:


Marilyn Monroe

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]

In interviews, Gillian has said her take on the iconic Marilyn Monroe is her favorite portrayal so far on the show. While physically she isn't a perfect match, her staccato, breathless delivery is spot on.

Even though she's portrayed two women and a man so far, Anderson sees her god as the embodiment of female power:

“The fact that she does manifest as male and female and however Bowie might identify himself… I mean, certainly, you say ‘worship,’ and Michael Jackson was worshiped as much as any female icon we’ve ever had. Actually, we discussed Michael Jackson at one point as a character I might do, and Prince. But to me, what was important for Media, male or female, was that we got to see that the women, the female gods, and the females in general are and can be as powerful as the male gods and the men [on the show]. That they are equal. I guess it makes sense that one of the most powerful gods in the story is embodied as female.”

More To Come

Who will Gillian embody next? We know from her own statements that she will be seen as Judy Garland at some point, but the sky's the limit as to who this amazing actress will transform herself into next.

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]

Your turn: Who would you like to see Gillian take on in the future.? Fire away in the comments section!


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