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The shocking final four words of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life were creator Amy Sherman-Palladino's original way to end the show. However, for us fans it wasn't an end but an opportunity for more brand new storylines centered around the Gilmore clan.

Since the Netflix revival was released, the people involved with the show have stated there are no current plans for a ninth season. was recently asked about the chances of seeing new chapter of the Gilmore's lives; here's what she said:

"I haven't heard anything. It hasn't been a conversation as of yet."

When Amy Sherman-Palladino was asked about the possibility of doing more episodes, she responded:

"We pitched this as close-ended. We pitched it as: 'This is the year in the life. This is the way it was ending.' ... Netflix and Warner Bros., we all went into this sort of saying that this was it. So there really haven't been any more discussions about: Is there going to be anything else? I don't know."

Those statements are pretty discouraging, but don't let them get you down just yet, because the are indeed coming back to delight us with their fast-paced, pop culture-centric dialogue.

There's an unofficial website for Netflix Latin America called Mundo Netflix (Netflix World), that focuses on revealing the streaming site's upcoming releases and plans, including original series and movies. They released a list of the shows Netflix renewed for the 2017 season and... guess which series was on it? Gilmore Girls. Take a look at an excerpt from the list.

Courtesy: Mundo Netflix
Courtesy: Mundo Netflix

This page details 's future plans with remarkable accuracy, so it is safe to say Gilmore Girls has been renewed. To further support this, the official Netflix Twitter page uploaded this image:

The caption reads:

"Where's an eighth grade science fair when you need one?"

The tweet is obviously a joke for fans who have been desperately trying to figure out who Rory's baby's daddy is, but it also teases a new storyline for Rory and her future life as a mother, which Amy Sherman-Palladino teased some time ago.

Going by these two factors, it's quite possible the people responsible for the show are simply playing coy while they work on a second season (or in this case, ninth). It's similar to what happened when a Gilmore Girls reunion occurred but we were told there were no plans for another season.

Fortunately, we know that - for now at least - people are working to give us a new adventure for our beloved Gilmore Girls. Given how talented a writer and producer ASP and Daniel Palladino are, I have no doubt whatever they come up with will be amazing. The question now is, could it be released in 2017 or 2018? That's something we'll have to wait for to find out. But what do you think?

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[Source: Mundo Netflix]


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