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Spoiler Warning: If you haven't heard those heavy four words at the end of the revival and have miraculously avoided any spoilers until now, that's impressive. But seriously, go watch it right now, because this article will spoil not just the end of Gilmore Girls, but their lives after the revival, too. You've been warned.

Didn't have time to watch all of the original Gilmore Girls before the revival? No worries. Here are all seven seasons in 180 seconds.

This Could Explain Who The Father Of Rory's Baby Is — And Who She'll End Up With

When Rory dropped that serious bombshell on Lorelai and the world at the end of the , we all needed a minute to scoop our jaws up off the floor. It was all over before we even knew what had happened, and although we didn't get to hear what Lorelai says next, we all know what it was: Who's the father?!

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Rory's answer to that question, however, is not totally clear. Over the course of the revival she had sex with (1.) Logan Huntzberger, (2.) Paul a.k.a. Who? (3.) A wookiee. It's also still abundantly clear that Rory's ex, Jess Mariano, still has feelings for her after that longing gaze he fixed on her in the final episode. But no one has ever gotten pregnant from a look, so sorry . Your guy is out of this race.

Rory and Logan / Gilmore Girls / The CW
Rory and Logan / Gilmore Girls / The CW

Without ever asking point blank, a reporter from TVLine managed to get some helpful answers out of Amy Sherman-Palladino that might just answer that question:

"I’m not being cryptic [about who the father is]. I just want to keep the focus on what the story point is. It’s not about the boy. It’s about her."

In that context, the omission of a clear answer makes complete sense. But then the reporter asked the other burning question that had been on the minds of countless Gilmore fans since the revival:

"TVLine: Logan and Rory’s arc – intentionally paralleling Christopher and Lorelai’s storyline?

ASP: Yes."

There you have it. Since this comes straight from Sherman-Palladino herself, it seems pretty obvious that Logan is the father of the baby. But since their relationship really is supposed to be mirroring Chris and Lorelai, all hope is not lost for .

Full Freaking Circle

Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant. / Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix
Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant. / Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix

There was a lot of emphasis in the revival about things coming full circle. Once again, Lorelai finds herself in her parents' house, asking for money, and Emily responds with the exact same line Richard did: "I'll get the checkbook," before getting Lorelai to agree to more family time (although the request doesn't seem quite as daunting this time around).

Then there's Rory. She's the same age as Lorelai was when the series first began, and she's caught in a love triangle that mirrors that of her mother. For Lorelai, it was a constant back-and-forth between Rory's father — the charming, arrogant, and wealthy Christopher Hayden — and the brusk, small-town guy with a great heart that took years to actually reveal his feelings — Luke Danes.

Logan and Christopher / Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix
Logan and Christopher / Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix

Logan is Christopher: The well-bred son of a good family that partied hard in his youth, only to eventually conform to his parents' expectations and take part in the family business. The chemistry between him and Rory is palpable, their relationship is filled with passion, and there's no denying that they are deeply in love with each other. And yet. Logan cheated on her in college, which might be dismissed as a youthful indiscretion, if only he hadn't been openly cheating on his fiancée with Rory throughout the entire revival. Their relationship, despite coming from a place of love, is not always a healthy one.

Logan / Gilmore Girls / The CW
Logan / Gilmore Girls / The CW

Then there's Jess. Oh, Jess. Back when he and Rory first got together in Season 3, he didn't treat her well at all. He ignored her, lied to her about everything from getting a black eye to dropping out of school, skipped town without saying goodbye, then showed up again to say he loved her and split. AGAIN. But since his troubled youth, he really did grow up and get his shit together. He was the one person that was able to pull Rory out of her funk and make her go back to Yale, and he managed a similar magic trick in the revival by being the one to assure her she was still a contender and should write a book about her life with her mom. In fact, as he grew up, we saw more and more Luke-like characteristics from this reformed bad boy. He's the kind of guy that comes in and fixes things. Not with a toolbox like his uncle, but with common sense and a straight-forward attitude. Jess is a good guy. A smart guy. Some might even call him the right guy.

Jess and Luke / Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix
Jess and Luke / Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix

In this particular theory, anyway, that's exactly what he is. Logan is Christopher — the father of the baby — and Jess is Luke — the soulmate. We'll probably never get to see it all play out on screen, and like Amy said, it's about Rory, not who she ends up with. Still, this idea does give the whole thing a much needed sense of closure. Our girls really did come full circle.


What do you think about this theory?

[Source: TVLine]


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