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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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A 14-year-old girl in Hampshire, England has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a classmate, The Sun reports. The girl giggled as she led her victim into a remote area, the court heard, and while her schoolmate survived with nothing more than a superficial puncture wound, the details of the case are deeply troubling.

Before the attack, she had sent pictures of her face — which she had cut at the corners of her mouth to look like The Joker — to a friend on Snapchat. The recipient of the pictures told the courtroom that she thought her friend's disturbing messages (see below) were all in jest.


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The defendant sent twisted messages to her friend alongside plans to kill classmates:

"I don’t care if they blame it on The Joker of Columbine, they didn’t inspire me, they just motivated me. If this does fail I shall say the voices in my head made me do it."


The friend only "started to panic" that the threats "might have been serious" when the victim and perpetrator were both absent from school together for a suspiciously long time:

"I wasn’t particularly thinking straight... I went behind the science block, where I was slightly reassured there wasn’t any body. I was pretending to take it seriously but was keeping her happy. It would have been uncool to do anything else."

In a heart-rending combination of teenage vulnerability and cold-blooded murderousness, the defendant messaged her friend about wanting to carry out a school shooting "after getting my braces and before the science GCSEs."

The defendant is facing charges of unlawful wounding, carrying a blade on school premises, attempted murder and wounding with intent. Let's hope that justice is served and that all of the girls involved receive the help they need.

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Source: The Sun


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