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Eric Matthews is one of the most lovable characters in the Boy/Girl Meets World universe, and he wants to be our new president. As a former Mayor of St. Upidtown and Junior Senator of the state of New York, Eric is no stranger to politics, and would be most comfortable within the White House. The question that should be asked though is, why should you vote for him? Well at the offices of "Eric Matthews for President" there are plenty of reasons coming in.

1. He Puts Other People's Needs Ahead Of His Own Feelings

When Eric was in his late teens he met a really sweet and remarkable boy named Tommy. He took Tommy under his wing, and treated him like a little brother, making time for him and playing with him. However, Tommy was waiting to be adopted. Eric initially wanted to adopt him before a case worker stepped in and showed Eric the file of the family that wanted to adopt Tommy, showing him the better life that the kid could have with a loving family. Though Eric wanted to be there for him and be in his life, he made the difficult decision to let Tommy go so that he could have the life that he deserved, even though it was on the opposite side of the country. What happened to that little boy?

I dare you to not tear up while watching that.

2. He Knows What Is Comforting

What do we want in a leader of our land if not a sense of security? Eric knows how to make someone feel comfortable, like ducks. If you think if you offered him crackers and asked for a piggy back ride he wouldn't take you up on it, you don't know him that well. He is a safe man to be around, and in times of worry like today that is something we could all use.

3. He Knows How To Project To The Back Row

As anyone in theater or public speaking can tell you, being able to project your voice loud enough for those in the balcony to hear you is important. After many years of the "Feeny Call," Eric has perfected this.

4. He Knows How To Dole Out Advice

Either using examples of why this advice is needed, or just knowing how to speak to his audience, while Eric at times seemed to be a little silly, his heart was always in the right place. At the end of the day his advice was usually pretty good, like when he helped Mr. Feeny finally snag a date with the Dean. He is down-to-earth, and that is what makes him relatable and far easier to take advice from than someone behind a podium.

5. He Knows His Faults

Unlike other men, Eric knows that men can be stupid and isn't afraid to say so. While that seems like a little thing, it is actually really telling as it shows that he can own up to when he has done wrong. That is a certain honesty and sincerity that is missing in a lot of politicians today, and it would be good to have that in office.

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So this November 8th, make sure to make the right decision and write in Eric Matthews to be our next president! Because he can make today a better tomorrow.


Which fictional character would you vote for?


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