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A week ago, Disney executives gave Girl Meets World its marching papers. The much-lauded show will be wrapping January 20 with its Season 3 — and now, its series — finale.

fans are understandably shaken by the news that there will be no more adventures with Riley, Maya, and the cast of characters that helped to define this current generation of preteens and teens. Some are looking to or to pick up the show. Here's why that needs to happen, Fuller House-style.

1. The Freedom To Depict More Mature Storylines

A Netflix version of Girl Meets World would allow the writers to explore storylines that would be more in keeping with the ages of the cast — and of its audience.

Girl Meets World has embraced the issues that today's teens deal with in the same way that its predecessor, Boy Meets World, did, except for a more modern audience. Whether it was bullying, friendship, romance or even just dealing with change, watching Riley and her friends try to navigate the ups and downs of life as preteens — and then teens — spoke to the realities of what kids today are dealing with. Netflix would allow the series to go further in that direction than Disney Channel.

2. Older Viewers Would Watch A Netflix Series For Cory And Topanga

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Let's face it, not many twenty- and thirtysomethings were going to watch Disney Channel, even if they were nostalgic for .

But, in a way, Girl Meets World was a perfect way for fans of Boy Meets World to see whether Cory and Topanga (and Shawn, and Eric, and so on) were dealing with the same sorts of issues, or whether they had grown well past who they were as teens. It quickly became clear that while some things had changed for Cory and Topanga, they were still the same kids at their core. If anything, they had become more sensitive to the kids that now looked to them for guidance and advice, in addition to doling out advice to their friends as they had so many times as kids.

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

3. Girl Meets World Had Great Role Models For GIrls

In Riley and Maya, girls were able to see that it was possible for friends to lash out at each other, as Riley did in "Girl Meets Rileytown," and work past the issues to get at the heart of the real problem. They could learn that the most significant relationship you have is not necessarily always with a romantic interest, but with your best friend.

Those are tough lessons to learn when you're growing up, as is knowing that regardless of what happens, that your best girlfriend will always have your back.

4. It Also Had Great Lessons For Boys

The show taught girls — and guys too, for that matter — that even when they were romantic rivals, it was still possible to remain friends, both with each other and the romantic interest in question. These are huge lessons that we sometimes forget, even as adults, and for 14-year-olds to be bringing these lessons home to us is significant.

Farkle, played by Corey Fogelmanis, perhaps said it best during the first season of the show when he admitted to crushing on both Maya and Riley for a time. He confessed that because he couldn't choose between one or the other, he decided having both as friends was better than not having either of them. He basically pointed out that friendship trumped everything — even love. In a world where breakups can occur over text when you're a teenager (and sometimes, as an adult as well), knowing that the one solid you might have in your life is friendship is incredibly important.

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Now that Disney has chosen to cancel Girl Meets World, fans are left wondering what else Riley and her friends could have gone through. Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and Zay have become role models for the current generation, and there really isn't anything on Disney — or any family-related channel, for that matter — that was as honest with its audience as Girl Meets World.

While it is and was a show for the current generation of kids, there was still so much more that could have come from it. And hopefully, if Netflix (or some other network) steps in, there still will be.

What do you think: should Girl Meets World keep going? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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